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Paypal fax them info? limited account - Photoshop then Fax supplier information, driver license, utility bill

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So basically your account got limited, and paypal wants more info.

Since Paypal is NOT a bank, they don't abide by bank rules. They don't check your identity during your signup, but they do it once you have money in your account (so they can freeze it and keep it).

Please not that I have hidden information behind the asterisks as this is just a teaser. If you want the more in depth info about this, you have to buy my e-book (or get it free!!) - eBay Stealth - The Complete Suspended eBay Account Guide

Utility Bill:

1. If you have used my info and created your "Business", just **********************************************. (to see what's under the asterisks, you have to buy my e-book - eBay Stealth - The Complete Suspended eBay Account Guide. Then change your real name, address and the phone number ******* to reflect your "business" address, name and your virtual phone number. Since *********************** if any of this info is actually *******, it will go through. There is absolutely NO WAY they can d***************. If they call your utility company and ask, they will just tell them that they can only reveal this info to the account holder. DONE.

2. If you are an actual person who just got his account limited, ******************, ********** all the *************** and send it in. (keep your address and phone number the same as you have in your paypal account) I actually have no idea why paypal does this, since even they ask you to blank
out your account number... maybe this is done to check your address... in that case, just put in the address thats on file with paypal *************************. DONE.

** Paypal wants all your info so they can later on send it to collection agencies in case anything happens. So the less actual real info you give them, the better.

Driver License:

1. Do the same thing like you just did. *************** the crap out of the picture though. Since when faxed, the page will look barely recognizable anyway, paypal just wants to double check the address they have on file with this driver license of yours. So do ****************** if
anything doesen't match. **Then you wonder why Paypal is such crap, if anyone can do this, no wonder there are so many scammers out there.

1. Go to ********* Template Site - [buy my e-book to see this link - eBay Account Suspension guide] and get yourself a pretty template that should look like an invoice.
2. Fill out all the info, putting in all the ********** in there, with some ******* numbers and ****** prices. Create a *********** for your "Supplier"
2.5. Even better if you speak a different language, then do the whole invoice in
another language. Paypal's employees won't care, just as long as they can see *************; in English.
3. If you have relatives that live overseas, put their phone number in there as the "business" phone from who you bought these items from. (who's going to prove
you wrong if your ************************ products) Since they might call and check this stuff out. It's even better if your relative doesen't speak any english, then Paypal can't do anything. If you don't have any relatives overseas, go to

and get yourself a fancy number in any country in the world. Then make that number redirect to your cellphone or home phone.

4. After filling the thing out print it out, scrunch the paper up a bit, ********** and send to Paypal.

1. If you don't have a fax machine, you can use this website to fax from your computer - www.faxzero.com

well that's it. If you have any questions, click the contact me link on the top right over there.

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useful. Thanks.

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