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Get 100% positive feedback fast!. How to get over a hundred positive ebay feedback without selling a real thing.

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[THIS METHOD DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] it will stay up as an archive.
Read eBay Stealth for the updated methods.

So you just created a new ebay account, and want to sell, but it's not going so well because you are a new ebayer with no feedback. Well here is an easy way to get positive feedback FAST! The more people use this method, the better. (As always, if you found this info useful, i've got some ads on the site that you
might find "interesting". That's how i pay for all this.)

1. For this you will need a paypal account. Read my "How to get back onto ebay and paypal" page if your previous account got terminated. (of course you can do this any other way, but with paypal it speeds
up the process)

2. List this item on ebay:

- category is Other - > other

- 0.99 cent buy it now (ebay doesen't allow you to list buy it now ebooks for less anymore, might even have to increase the price). If you want to start an auction, that's even better since you can start at 0.01 but you will have to chose a different category, a totally random one for your ebook.

- Title has "ebook" and "free shipping" in it. Can be "free shipping
ebook on cooking" or "Pretty picture of my dog ebook free shipping"

- list it as a digital item

- shipping and handling fees put 0.00

3. In the description put some random description about your useless item
and list.

That's it. Now just wait for people who want feedback as much as you to buy it. as soon as they buy it, leave them positive feedback and they will leave the same to you (don't worry, there's a whole system on ebay for doing this so people won't even need you to send them that ebook or a pretty picture of your
dog, but have something just in case).

4. DO NOT list more than 2 at a time, maybe even 1 at a time. As ebay is going all out and closing accounts of people that do this. Also, DO NOT buy a lot of these 1 cent listings either, buy maybe 1 a day or 1 every few days. While also buying real things. As ebay tracks this also. This is an easy way to get good feedback, but not a fast one. Unless you want to sell tangible items and pay for shipping, then you can sell as much as you want.

* Also note. if you are going to be buying the 1 cent things on ebay, dont buy a lot from the same seller since ebay only counts 1 item towards your feedback from the same seller even if you bought 99 items, you will only get +1 feedback to your feedback score.

*please note that this might be against ebay rules and policies, so this info is just for educational purposes. I am not responsible in any way for what you do with this info

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