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Do not use Lobbay.com or EbayStealth.info

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I recently i noticed these people appearing at the top of all google searches related to ebay suspensions. Which only leads me to believe that they are raking in lots of cash if they are at the top so much. And that is why i want to pull the plug.

The biggest scammer is "ebaystealth.info" NOT to be confused with the original best-selling ebay suspension guide of the same name. This person stole the domain name and created a domain for himself leeching off the fame of the original "Ebay Stealth" a.k.a. "Auction Stealth" ebook. This is a warning to not buy from him as you will not get the support or any up to date info or even a book written by him - he stole it from the Auction Stealth team. Even the checkout page is not secure, so by going that route you are giving your financial information away to a scammer - Stay away!

Now about Lobbay - I just had a chat with someone who bought one of the lobbay accounts a little while ago, and said they can't get it to work. They also bought a "anonymous bank account" from them. Been 3 weeks and they havent heard anything back from lobbay - well of course, there is no such thing as an anonymous bank account. With all the "terrorist" and 9/11 stuff, banks have stepped up their measures so that now you need tons of documents to open a bank account.

Also just searched around some forums and found a small discussion by blackhatters - Blackhatters are people that love to find ways around conventional methods, and they know their stuff in all things web related. Now what do they say about lobbay? That it's a scam. Here is the link to the discussion - BlackHatWorld

User1: "I wish you guys had waited longer before trying lobbay - Yes I got the suspended email last night it seems. Waiting to hear back from them as well."

Why did his account get suspended? Because Lobbay uses fake accounts to pump up the feedback rating on all of their eBay accounts. eBay isn't stupid, they catch on quick and as soon as you log into this account you get busted while Lobbay takes their money. And no, he did not hear back from Lobbay - I contacted him and he said he received no response.

User2: yes same for me man. f**** feedback manipulation.

Same cause. The accounts that Lobbay sells don't work, if you won't get banned because of feedback manipulation, you will get banned for tons of other things.


Why lobbay won't work? because if you got your regular account suspended, you buy the lobbay one, log in from your old ip address, change all the information too fast, or do any other drastic things, and your new 100$ account will get suspended too. You need to know how ebay works, how they suspend accounts, how to stay under the radar and how to keep your accounts afloat. Just getting a temporary fix won't work.

Another reason why I am so against these guys is because for the past few years they were operating under different names, some people may know them by "Troydes" or "Bashar" - guess why they changed their name again? Because of the heaps of unhappy customers. If they had a good business going, they would make a good name for themselves amongst this whole "suspended from ebay" community. But they don't, they make new names because their old ones get tarnished. I hope the people that are thinking of using them find either this post or aspkin's forums and dig a little deeper.

So to anyone thinking of using lobbay.com, don't. The accounts that they sell there are the same as you can make yourself and for 1/10th the cost. If you don't know how to make new accounts, buy the eBay Stealth e-book - for 37$ you can make yourself an unlimited amount of accounts, AND get tons of info on how to keep the accounts stealthy and unsuspendable.

eBay is harsh, your account might get suspended one day or the next, and what are you going to do then? Shell out another 100$ on a new account? I am not even saying this as a promotion to the eBay Stealth ebook, but more of just a heads up. Go to aspkin's eBay Suspension Forums, ask some questions, do a little bit of research before wasting your precious money. The quick fix of buying an account won't last once they suspend it and you are left stranded again. But knowing how to overcome anything they throw at you is what will get you going in the long run.

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