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Ebay Startup kit Easy money with ebay Wholesalers, Distributors - don't fall for scams

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You should know, that you don't have to pay for any information on the internet. It's only the lazy people that try to get info for a small fee, and then either get things they couldve found on google, or just get scammed.

Here is your FREE guide to ebay, and selling online in general.

1. Google is your friend. Literally, in anything.

You want to find how to sell on ebay? well go to ebay itself, they have tons of free guides, even things written by ebayers on their ebay guides page - reviews.ebay.com <-- copy the link into a new window, so ebay can't track that you came from this website.

You want to find suppliers? Google this: [product] [country] ******* (or) ******, or ******, or ***** or anything else. Example "**** vietnam ******;, or ***** controlled *** china ******;. **Don't use the quotes in google searches, unless you want exact matches**
-- to see what's behind the asterisks, buy my new e-book - eBay Stealth - suspended ebay account guide
After doing this, you will notice you stumble a lot onto whole directories of *****, and *****, and *** *****. Later on you can just use them instead of googling all the time.

Please note that, just like everything else on the internet, you gotta be careful. You never know. Usually a good thing to look for are stars, or **** *****, or something of that sort. But even then... try to be careful, check out their website, google their address, call your credit card company to see if you'd be covered, oh and NEVER send cash/money orders/western union until you have a good relationship with these guys.

Here are some verified drop shippers:

WorldWideBrands Drop Shipper Directory

There ya go, you have now found anything you need from anywhere....all for free.

-- Got a lot more where that came from :) check out my e-book - eBay Stealth - the complete guide to a new eBay identity

2. Before selling on ebay, do some research.

Before you start selling on ebay, or even buying anything from these wholesalers, sign up with TeraPeak and use their research tools to find the most profitable times of day to list your ebay items, the best keywords to use, the best day of the week to end your listing. Yes these things do help a lot! In figuring out whether to even buy half the stuff you might find on all those wholesalers websites and how to sell your stuff for the most cash. - www.terapeak.com

Even Ebay itself has a handy dandy tool to see auctions that have ended. After doing a search for something, scroll down and look left there should be checkboxes, now check off "Completed Listings" and press ok. You can now see when and for how much these listings ended and if its worthwhile to sell that particular item.

WorldWideBrands Drop Shipper Directory

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